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"After all the excitement is over, you will have beautiful photos to remind you of each moment." As a photographer and wedding planer, I have the privilege of experiencing so many special moments throughout the year. Those memories that are captured on camera are forever captured in time and are then displayed on your walls and in your hearts. From emotional experiences such as walking down the aisle to seeing each other again after “I do”, to the first kiss as husband and wife, to a few years after a relaxing family vacation are the many moments that i share with my clients and it is what makes this job so amazing.


A marriage proposal will mark the beginning of joint events for your future family. Based on my experience, this day turns out to be more emotional than even a wedding day. After all, if the preparation for the wedding lasts for several months and the wedding itself lasts 5-6 hours, then the marriage proposal occurs in a very limited period of time, and the preparation, like the proposal itself, turns out to be a pleasant surprise for the girl with fireworks of emotions.

Anniversary wedding

An anniversary can be not only larger-scale, but in some ways more touching and romantic than the wedding itself. This will give the couple an unforgettable feeling - not just to remember everything, but also to relive the most exciting moments again.


You may feel completely out of place at first, but in the long run you may find the photo shoot a very therapeutic experience. There are so many things we are afraid to do, but once we push ourselves and decide to do something new, the best moments in life often happen to us.

Let’s Dress!

My job is to create beauty. Whether it's a photograph or a wedding - without a carefully beautiful image and details, magic will not happen..

Cabrio & Moto

Convertibles and motorcycles are associated with emotions and feelings. They are a vehicle for those who love to enjoy the moment and feel the wind in their hair. They attract people who value aesthetics and comfort and want to stand out from the crowd. This is not just a technique, it is an object of passion and lust. They add charm and sophistication to the owner's image, making him the center of attention and impressing others.

Yachts & Boats

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